Advances in dental technology have improved the way that today’s dentures fit and look. Modern dentures look more natural than ever and fit more comfortably and securely, reducing the chance of gum irritation and poorly timed slipping. At Troup Family Dental, we can set you up with attractive and natural-looking dentures and provide ongoing care to keep your dentures in great shape while we monitor the health of your mouth.

How are Today’s Dentures Different?

In the past, it was easy to tell when someone was wearing dentures. The gum portion was usually an unnatural shade of bubblegum pink, and the teeth all seemed to be cut from the same mold. Today, dental labs that create dentures not only allow us to vary the shades that are available so that your dentures will blend in perfectly with your own gums, but they also create and place the artificial teeth individually. This allows for the variation in teeth that occurs naturally. The result is realistic dentures that are indistinguishable from your own teeth.

When you come in to be fitted for dentures, we will perform a thorough oral exam, which will include x-rays to check the condition of the bone beneath your gums, and take measurements. These will help us create a detailed mold of your mouth that the dental lab will use to create your dentures. This allows us to get a great fit with your dentures. Poor-fitting dentures not only create a risk of the appliance slipping and sliding in your mouth and a potentially embarrassing situation, but they can also cause painful irritation to your gums and make it difficult to eat your favorite foods and speak clearly.

We will check the fit and appearance of your dentures thoroughly before we send you home with them. Your comfort and happiness with your new smile is very important to us. Please bring any questions or concerns about your dentures to us so that we can help you make the transition more easily.

Caring for Your Dentures

Taking good care of your dentures will help ensure that they will remain in good shape for a long time. If your dentures get scratched or damaged, it could provide a place for bacteria to gather, which can lead to bad breath and irritation in your mouth. Heat will cause your dentures to warp and no longer fit correctly, so don’t use hot water to clean or soak them.

You should only use brushes and cleaners that are specifically made for dentures. Regular brushes and pastes are typically too abrasive and will damage your dentures. Clean your dentures every day to prevent bacterial growth and bad breath.

Whenever your dentures are not in your mouth, they need to be kept moist. Letting your dentures dry out can cause them to warp or crack. While your dentures are meant to be durable, they are not meant to withstand drops and falls. Use caution when you are cleaning your dentures and they are slippery. If you do happen to drop your dentures, call our office so that we can check for any damage and make any necessary adjustments.

For more information about dentures, call Troup Family Dental today for an appointment!